Moebius & Musicals: We still go on

Next to Normal, Original Broadway Cast

we go on, we still go on
and you find some way to survive
and you find out you don’t have to be happy at all
to be happy you’re alive…

Next to Normal

A quick PSA seeming to have nothing to do with Moebius (but of course it does!)… this amazing musical, on Broadway now and going out on tour next year, is a must-see for anyone dealing with difference and the medical establishment.  It really resonated for me, I think, because I’ve spent so much time in hospitals and doctor’s offices, and really understand how the main character feels to have her entire self medicalized to some degree.  It’s ridiculously powerful and has wonderful music (a rock musical score, really beautifully done).  Since the probability of someone writing a musical about facial difference is not very likely (well, unless I or someone else finally get around to writing it), I find I’m attracted to those that resonate with my experiences in different ways.  Next to Normal is one of these.  See it on Broadway or on tour, if you can!

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