I don’t know if the sky is heaven, but I pray anyway

“I don’t know if the sky is heaven, but I pray anyway” -I Stand, Idina Menzel

Using more obscure song lyrics as a starting off point for my random musings for the evening.  Religion and belief systems always fascinate me, and especially how this is expressed in the disability community.  I am part Jewish, raised as an agnostic.  I identify strongly with the cultural significance of my Jewish heritage, but never really felt the desire to delve deeper into the religious part.  I guess because neither of my parents were raised strongly religiously, it just didn’t get passed down.

I believe in many things.  I believe in myself.  I believe in my passions and my ability.  I believe in art of all kinds.  I believe in the healing powers of animals.  The barn is my church or temple, I find myself anew after a great ride or even a simple grooming session.  To a certain extent I believe in the power of thoughts, if only to re-frame the way you look at things.  But I have no defined belief system.

How, you might ask, does this relate to having Moebius syndrome?  Without a defined belief system, I have had to come to terms that there is no particular reason (beyond, hopefully, the genetic reason that will soon be discovered) that I ended up having Moebius.  It wasn’t fate or meant to be.  It just is.  Sometimes that seems entirely too simple for such a loaded question, but for me and for now, it will have to do.

And yes, I pray sometimes.  Not to anyone or anything in particular, just to get my thoughts out into the universe.  It helps, too.

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