Adorable doggie Muppet (or, that moment in which my interests all collide) & Random Anticipation

That moment in which an amazing Broadway actor (John Tartaglia – he was in Avenue Q and Shrek the Musical, among other projects) voices a CCI puppy. Seriously couldn’t get any more adorable. I’m a big fan of Sesame Street for featuring people with various disabilities, and this segment was great.

Going off on that tangent, I am really amused and happy with the reactions Cassius gets from kids. I was a little worried, honestly, after the first day when a poor girl had a literal hysterical crying fit as we walked down the street (“that dog is TOO BIG!!) but besides that, all the kids we’ve met in the last almost two months have been great. He’s a little intimidating for most of the toddlers in my apartment complex, because he’s literally as tall as they are! Cassius takes it all in stride, just calmly checking them out and wagging his tail as they look at him from afar.

I’m sure there will come a time when Cassius and I are bombarded by a zillion ill-behaved kids somewhere, but I’m quite glad that hasn’t yet happened and we’ll be more of a great partnership by then.

In one week, I’ll be hanging out in the big doggie playground in Santa Rosa getting ready for our Team Training Workshop and ADI Certification the next day. Needless to say, I’m super-excited. I never did get a chance to take Cassius to the park, as you’re only allowed there once you have graduated. I’m super-curious to see if he is happy to have the chance to run around a bit (key point: a bit!) and whether he has fun with the other dogs.

I am definitely planning on going to the occasional puppy class in my Chapter, both to keep Cassius (well, me) on track and for doggie socialization. Even though he seems to be pretty darn content with life right now, I want to give him the opportunity to hang out with some well-behaved dogs. And I want the chance to see PUPPIES!

I think we’re in good shape for final Certification, he’s super-responsive with all his commands. One thing we haven’t practiced too much (mainly because I don’t want to clean it up!) is the food drop, where the poor dog literally gets dog food thrown at them and is supposed to ignore it. He’s been excellent with me dropping food, though, so I feel reasonably certain that we’ll survive that one. Besides that, all his basic commands are great.

So that’s that. Not very insightful. Just anticipating next week and watching singing doggie Muppets after work today.

Hercules helps new Muppet character Brandeis find his calling as an assistance dog.

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