Bruises Aren’t in Style

I am clumsy. Everything is usually slightly blurry. This combination usually leads to me crashing into at least a few things a day… and I often have the bruises to prove it.

Tomorrow I have a potentially-important interview for a promotion (well, actually to get on the list for upcoming opportunities within the higher promotional class). I’m of course a little nervous, I want to get a good ranking and do well… and now I’m concerned also about covering up this ridiculous bruise on my knee! Because of course I need other, random, non-work-related things to worry about!

Maybe that’s what’s really salient about life with a chronic condition – these “extras” that complicate life. The things you worry about that no one else does. There are hidden bruises, too – experiences unique to life with my medical conditions that I carry with me. I carry those, too. Sometimes they hurt as much as physical ones.

Hoping for a good interview and hidden bruises tomorrow, both physical and metaphorical.




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  2. mrsabbyj says:

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