I like being interesting… I guess?!

I get Google Alerts for Moebius Syndrome, and sometimes I think half of them are some variant of “Interesting Conditions You Don’t Know About” (well, except if you’re reading this blog, since you probably do know about Moebius).  And I’m always pretty bemused at them, especially the students looking for the most interesting! the most rare! to impress their teachers.  It’s always odd to me that something that is totally normal and everyday for me and so many people I know is a novelty to others.  Having a rare disorder is sometimes difficult to explain to others (um, cranial nerves? huh?) but it’s something you learn to live with and give a quick explanation – I find that neurological disorder makes more sense for me, and better explains how Moebius effects me.

And on this note, I know this is so wrong on so many levels, but this alert amuses me way more than they should: “Spooftimes.com (satire)Miley Cyrus: My Doctor Says I’ve got Moebius Syndrome!” Hello, Randomness.  Some people might get offended by this, I imagine, but I have a healthy respect for irreverent humor and find it hilarious.  And heck, it perhaps raises awareness!  All the random Miley Cyrus Google Alert people are perhaps hearing about Moebius Syndrome for the first time.

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