More Children’s Book Recomendations

Going through my shelf of picture books from my childhood, I found a few other disability-related books that I thought I should share as being important to me growing up with Moebius syndrome:

Why Am I Going to the HospitalWhy Am I Going to the Hospital by Carole Livingston

I remember reading this book over and over as a young child, obviously it spoke to me and my experiences growing up with many medical issues.

I'm the Big Sister NowI’m the Big Sister Now by Michelle Emmert

A great book for siblings of children with medical conditions, but I also remember liking it as a child.

Extraordinary People With Disabilities (Extraordinary People)Extraordinary People With Disabilities by Deborah Kent

Also important to me growing up and beginning to learn about disability history and activism.

Overall, I think it’s really important for children to have access to the larger community of which they are a part.  Pre-internet (!) – at least for me – that mainly came in the form of stories.  Although I would get together with my community once or twice a year, I could read about them every night and feel connected and a part of something larger than myself.

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