Getting “therapy” in the most unlikely places…

It’s always nice when you like doing something and you realize it’s good for you at the same time.  I’m not a exercise fanatic or anything, but I do enjoy the endorphin rush I guess you get when your body has been worked correctly and it just makes you (or me at least) feel better.  Now for me with Moebius, this isn’t easy.  Many people seem to be not as affected as I am and do all kinds of sports… but I can’t run (at all! between the leg pain, coordination and lung issues… not good!) and anything involving standing up for long periods of time is sometimes problematic.

But I was lucky enough to discover several athletic activities that I can do – yoga, pilates, swimming, riding horses…- and try to do them whenever I can.  It’s great to feel like you’re doing something good for yourself that is also really enjoyable (well, mostly enjoyable! or at least where the enjoyment outweighs the pain).  And, yes, it is “therapy” of sorts… and sure a lot more interesting than any physical therapy room I’ve ever seen!

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