Embracing uniqueness (and singing about it)

I love theater and going to as many shows and concerts as possible.  It’s probably no surprise that I gravitate towards artists and shows that grapple with some of the over-arching themes in life with Moebius syndrome: embracing differences, becoming comfortable with who you are, challenging stereotypes and forming relationships with people coming from different points of view and life experiences.

I like a lot of varied shows (my taste is eclectic, everything from Sondheim to Hair to Next to Normal) but I have to say – although it’s becoming a tad cliche – I keep coming back to Wicked, an incredible re-telling of the Wizard of Oz where the Wicked Witch of the West grapples with being born with green skin and the effects it has on her sense of self and how others view her.  The themes of embracing your own uniqueness, the challenges of what to do with your unique gifts, and the relationships formed from these challenges… it all amounts to an engrossing and riveting story set to a fun musical score that will have you humming for days.  It is one of the few theatrical experiences that never fails to make me happy.

So what does this have to do with my life with Moebius syndrome?  I love the fact that Wicked captures so many emotions anyone who at any time feels different or inferior, yet at the same time learning where exactly their strength is rooted in.  It doesn’t exactly have a happy ending, but leaves me both hopeful and searching for ways my experiences can be used for good…

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