“You had a very difficult tooth.”

That was a direct quote from my dentist last week after dealing with a cracked filling that was apparently very difficult to treat.  For me, one of the most challenging (and frankly, awful) parts of Moebius is dealing with dental issues.  My teeth decided to start de-enameling themselves about ten years ago and they’ve had all kinds of problems ever since then.  And then I get horrible anxiety attacks about the dentist… I think mainly because it hurts!  Between my weak jaw making it difficult to hold my mouth open for long periods of time (and painful when I do) and generally hurting because it’s hard to work in my tiny mouth… it’s just not a generally pleasant experience.  And I seem to have a weird reaction to novocaine shots – I’ve had reactions before where the shots were and I think I might be having one again, my mouth is still swollen and painful and I had my shots last Thursday!  Figures… it’s always something!

So I hope my dentist at least sees me as a challenging case who makes her work more interesting?  At least I can imagine she does… instead of the difficult patient whose mouth is a pain to work in!


  1. It's interesting indeed. It's time to make the dentist's job more challenging. Although we want to finish the procedure as soon as possible, I think it's okay to sometimes give them a tedious task that's worth our money. mini implants


  2. This is exactly what I am going through right now, My dentist said that I have a difficult tooth. I just wanted to let you know I am in the same boat and for most of the past 2 weeks I have been in pain of which on 2 occasions I have been to the A+E for a local ansethestic for the pain.houston cosmetic dentistry


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