The invisible disability

Talking about invisible disabilities and Moebius syndrome sounds kind of weird at first, as we talk so much about the visible disability part of it… but on an everyday basis, I almost think the invisible disabilities I have due to Moebius are more problematic.

Today I went to a crowded Trader Joe’s… and didn’t hit anyone with my cart. And that, sadly enough, is an accomplishment with my vision! Getting on a crowded bus… I rush for the first seat because I cannot stay balanced. I have chronic foot and leg pain. Sometimes I use a disability placard when I need to. But looking at me… you wouldn’t see those things. You may see someone with a unique-looking face… but nothing else is obvious.

And for some reason, I am uncomfortable asserting myself in situations that involve the invisible parts of Moebius syndrome. I worry about taking an accessible spot. I don’t ask for a seat on the bus when they are full. I struggle with how to balance my needs as a person with several impairments that aren’t particularly visible at first glance.

Maybe someday I’ll come up with a snappy way to assert myself. But until then, I muddle along and try my best to get by.

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