Autism awareness and Bully: in the news today

Yet more awareness days! (Why are they all in the spring?!) Autism Spectrum Disorders are important to know about and especially relevant within the Moebius syndrome community, where ASDs seem to be a bit more prevalent.  Really interesting research is being done regarding this and hopefully we’ll know more answers soon about the connection between Moebius and ASDs.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s over-diagnosed in the Moebius community, where lots of young children have sensory issues and expressive communication issues and social issues purely as a result of Moebius itself, but don’t have Autism.  But regardless, the rates are higher and more awareness and research is wonderful.

And on another note: Bully, a documentary chronicling “a year in the life of America’s bullying crisis” is opening soon.  It’s important, especially for families of children who are different in any way.

Having said that, I want to say that having Moebius syndrome does not automatically equate to being bullied.  While I did not enjoy my middle and high school experience at all, I have to say I was never bullied.  At all.  I went to a school district that was hyper-achievement oriented, and I was a “smart kid”.  I found my niche early on, and was respected for that.  Granted that pressure led to all kinds of other issues (perfectionism + pressure cooker atmosphere = not good!) but I never felt unsafe or targeted.  Miserable, yes.  But never particularly bullied.

I just wanted to put it out there, not to brag or discount anyone’s experiences, just sharing what I experienced.

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