I’ve already sort of posted about this, but… I still can’t figure out how/why meeting other kids (and adults, for that matter) with Moebius didn’t make a huge impact on me as a young child.  I was eight or nine when I first met people with Moebius and I don’t remember a thing about it!  Literally nothing.  And I was a relatively astute child, so I can’t figure out why it wasn’t memorable enough to warrant at least registering in my long-term memory.  It’s weird.  I was actually really paranoid that I was, I don’t know, suppressing some kind of trauma, so I checked with my therapist… she remembers it the same way.  My friends who came to the Moebius community later in life describe these kind of watershed experiences discovering a community, and I guess I was just lucky enough that it was kind of built-in for me since I came to the community as a child.  I think the current generations of kids with Moebius are going to even be more connected to each other, which is wonderful.

And if you haven’t seen it, there is a Moebius Friends group on Facebook that now has weekly chat sessions at 9 EST / 7 CST / 6 PST.  Come join the conversation!

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