Keeping active and challenging yourself!

So, spring weather is finally here… and I’m thinking about exercise and keeping active even when you have mobility impairments.  I can’t run for the life of me (seriously, not coordinated to do it without falling on my face! Plus it hurts my knee affected by club foot and my feet.  I walk a lot and someday would like to swim a bit.  I’m a big fan of my Wii Fit, and other random games on it that actually give you a pretty decent workout (any dance program, I have a ridiculous one where you dance to hysterical choreography from Broadway musicals…)  But I do most of my exercise by horseback riding… definitely meets the criteria for low impact activities that are fun and challenging! My riding blog is here:

So this week my instructor had a novel idea: we should work on mounting from the fence.  Because there’s no way I’m mounting Indy, the horse I ride, from the ground! He’s way too tall and I’m way too inflexible.  I was a bit doubtful.  My balance sucks and I was never any good at anything that requires both balance and coordination at the same time!  But I trust this horse and my instructor implicitly, and you know what? We were successful!  Repeated it yesterday without a hitch and it feels so good to have something else in my horsey bag of tricks.

So what does this have to do with Moebius? I think the idea of challenging yourself (or challenging your children) to do something that they don’t know if they’ll be successful at or not is great every so often in the right environment.

And just because he’s adorable (even when outfitted in terribly un-manly pink polo wraps and photographed from a rather unflattering angle), here’s Indy:

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