More music that inspires me…

If we go softly we might as well not make a sound
If we speak gently we’ll never break the crowd
If you keep hiding how will they know what you can do
I’m not risiding within these walls with you

Careful hearts might stay protected
But rebel hearts get resurrected

See I fire flames
Light up this town
Learn our every name
Or burn it down
Don’t go back to then
Don’t kill your voice
Stand like girls or men
But make some noise
– Noise by Gavin Creel & Robbie Roth

So much of this song applies to life with Moebius and the importance of awareness and the sense of community we now have.  It’s important to “get loud” re: awareness in any way we can or feel comfortable.  We don’t need to shout from the rooftops or anything obnoxious like that but awareness in everyday life is important.  We can make a big difference if we think about it…

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