March is National Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month

Before I forget, March is National Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month.  It’s important to me because, like many people with Moebius syndrome, I not only have Moebius but also have other medical issues – I had an autoimmune disease when I was younger.  Thankfully it’s been in remission for a long time… but it can always come back.  That knowledge frightens me, as neither the disorder or the treatment were painless.  It has no known cause, either.

It’s funny for those of us familiar with very rare disorders that many autoimmune disorders are in fact rare – although there are many more people with them.  But they still face many of the same issues.

I have to think the two are related somehow (or else I just hit the unlucky health jackpot!) and hope that the research being done on both conditions will shed some light and lead to answers about what exactly is going on with both conditions.  It won’t necessarily make a difference in my day-to-day life, but out of pure intellectual curiosity, I want to know…

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