You have my blood… now what?

I participated in a lot of follow-up research this weekend. Because apparently, labs always find more stuff they want from you! I did follow-up OPT and presented on it, gave a lot more blood and spit for DNA, had yet more 3D images taken of me (a view that no one, truly, needs to ever see!), and did all kinds of odd eye movement (and, well, lack of movement) exercises that were videotaped and tracked with fancy computer programs. I also got the opportunity to talk with some of the preeminent physicians in the field for free.

I’ve been doing this for awhile, and kind of have a “why not?” attitude towards research.  I’m not exactly an exciting case, kind of run-of-the-mill actually. But it can’t hurt (well, one blood draw did!) and the more information the researchers have to work with, the better it is for everyone else who is interested in this.  Plus I’m randomly fascinated by all the fancy machines and tests they come up with (who knew there was a market in iPad vision test apps?) to try to glean more information.

Answers and information about the genetics behind Moebius syndrome won’t change anything or greatly influence my life, but as a writer interested in the sciences from a non-scientist point of view, I’m fascinated by how this is all playing out and with everyone involved and decided that it’s something that I should invest a little time at every conference in.  They are all making great advances and working collaboratively, who knows what the next round of discoveries will lead to!

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