Defining oneself

Defining oneself

I saw this photograph on Facebook today, and it made me think. I’ve vacillated between all the extremities on this issue in the last 20 years: between EVERYTHING in my life being somehow a result of being born with Moebius syndrome to everything being a result of other things.

I can’t say I’ve come to a proper, concise conclusion (even now). No doubt the fact that I happen to have been born with Moebius syndrome is part and parcel of a HUGE amount of other things that influenced who I am today – from family illnesses to found passions to educational experience. And I can’t deny that having Moebius influences these other experiences.

I guess it comes down to me questioning why being defined (in part) by something is a bad thing at all. It is reality. It is nice and all feel-goody to say all the PC things about not being defined by your condition, and I’m sure I have said all those things at one point in time, but maybe it’s best to take back and own the concept of defining. That way I can truly define myself.

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