Sometimes I do incredibly stupid things I know I shouldn’t do, all in the name of being independent. Last week, after I nearly scalded myself (note to self: stairs + hot water + open cup = not smart) I realized I need to be more practical.

It’s strangely awkward to talk about how Moebius syndrome effects me physically. Maybe it’s because it effects people so differently that I don’t want to get people worried even when there is a good chance they won’t have other physical issues.

But for me, my balance is pathetic and coordination even worse. I have chronic pain in my legs. (Yet another reason why riding horses is the best thing ever: works on all of those issues, and you don’t have to stand on your feet to do it!)

So I have to be careful and smart about staying within my physical limits. Which is hard. It’s not fun to ask people to carry stuff for you, or realize you can’t actually walk far in those amazing shoes you bought. Not to mention that being in pain really, really is not fun.

But then I realize that there really is no other alternative, is there? There’s a certain point where you have to let go of those ore-conceived notions of what you should do and just figure out what works. More on some developments there (of the 4-legged variety!!) soon.

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