Channeling the dog

My dog knows how to relax.

He likes to sleep. A lot. And not the cat-napping kind of sleep I’m accustomed to… he is more a snaring, sleep-barking kind of guy. He wakes up with the most deliriously contented with life expression, ready for his next adventure (even if that only involves choosing where to nap next).

No one told me of my dog’s enduring love affair with his crate, and I was actually a little alarmed when he first crated himself for a nap(really, he can’t hate me already?!) But I was soon reassured that his desire to just hang out in his crate is something he’s done since puppyhood.

He has his routine now: at night he alternates between his dog bed in my bedroom and the crate around the corner. I think he likes both equally. We get up and hang out a bit, and while he waits for 7 am (Breakfast time!)… he self-crates. I don’t know if he thinks he can best control his poor hungry tummy from there or what, but he hangs out there until he knows it’s time to (finally!) eat. Same with after walks, he self-crates when he needs a good nice long nap!

Since I’m probably the human equivalent of a high-strung, high-drive retriever, it’s probably good that my dog is the opposite. He shows me the value of sometimes just hanging out and resting and recharging… something we all need to remember!


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