Graduation (6 months ago!)

It’s hard to imagine that graduation was really 6 months ago.  Feels like both yesterday and forever ago.  I wasn’t completely assured that I actually knew what I was doing after a total of 10 days with Cassius (who now responds to Cashie as well, hope he doesn’t find it silly or unmanly!).  But despite my complete lack of confidence in knowing what in the world I was doing responsible for this living being with a perpetually wagging tail, we’ve done pretty darn well.

We’ve found our favorite walking trails, the pond where sometimes we find ducks or geese, the house down the street with the friendly cat and unfriendly dog, the groomer down the street who is super-fun, and more dog beds than he probably knows what to do with.

He is extremely adaptable, he loves going out and doing things as much as he loves hanging out and doing nothing. He’s a big fan of going shopping, mostly because he usually gets fussed over and told what a good boy he is.

He thinks doing events with the local CCI chapter is super-fun, mostly because he’s rather biased and thinks Labs and Golden Retrievers are much more fun than any other kind of dog.

He is obsessed with his (fortunately) indestructible lobster, Stewie, and has not managed to destroy him in 2 months.  On the other hand, he managed to destroy a Kong Wubba in 30 minutes flat today.  Silly gentle guy with an insatiable need to chew (Goughnuts are also fun, although they don’t squeak).

He thinks traveling anywhere is fun, mostly because he can be a lapdog in the back seat.  He wishes I would let him sleep on the bed, and makes very sad doggie faces at me when he doesn’t… but forgets that I have a track record of accidentally kicking him in my sleep (sorry Cashie!) 

He regularly barks is in his sleep, where he does these absolutely adorable sleep-woofs.  He obviously has an active dream life.

I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months and beyond hold for me, Cassius, and us as a team.

I can’t wait to go to graduation tomorrow, and really take it all in for the first time without being completely and utterly nervous.  Then I can’t wait to watch Cashie run and romp in the doggie playground, until he gets pooped and plops himself on my feet for a rest.

I think these pictures sum the graduation experience up.



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