Some Heavy Thoughts & Inspired Actions

I have lots of both right now.

My grandmother died last night. Completely expected, but still at the same time hard.

Had a wonderful final visit with her, where she got to meet the dog and he gave her some of the love that only something with four legs, a wagging tail and big soulful eyes can give. I will treasure hat.


Death always makes me think of life, of trying to live and to make an impact on the world. I try to do it to the bestow my ability, try not to become encumbered by my own self-doubts and issues.

Considering things, I think I do a pretty damn good job of working for the causes I believe in.

Lots of the work I do (all the social media and web work for the Moebius Syndrome Foundation) is quite frankly done alone and without much response. We keep gaining followers, so I think I’m doing something right!

Because lots of my volunteer work is done remotely, I’m loving my involvement with CCI and being able to do in-person volunteer stuff! Later this month, I’m walking in the DogFest Walk ‘n Roll in Santa Rosa. Thanks to my amazing family and friends I’ve already reached my fundraising goal, which I’m really proud of. I would have had more in “my” account, but my dad accidentally (and hysterically) donated to himself!!)

But of course that doesn’t matter. What matters is more awareness, more contributions, more involvement from these events. I can’t wait to share my experiences with the amazing community I’m honored to be a part of through my partnership with my amazing dog.


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  1. Tanya says:

    I am sorry for your loss, but very glad that you and Cassius got to say your goodbyes to your grandma.

    Just before my grandmother passed, my current service puppy in training (Orienne) and I flew to Denver to stay the last few days with her at her house. My room was down the hall from grandma’s, and Orienne would sleep on the floor near the foot of my bed where she would be near me, but could keep an eye on grandma – when I didn’t hear grandma get up, Orienne did and would let me know if anything was wrong. When grandma passed, and the family came over, Orienne made her rounds checking in with each person, making sure everyone got a chance to pet her. I watched Orienne spend extra time with my teenage niece who may have just needed to pet the lab belly.

    The funny story from that morning was when two men came into the house to transport my grandma’s body to the funeral home. Orienne was very concerned about those two men and came to find me. Orienne wouldn’t settle down until I explained why the men were there and let her sniff their hands. After that she continued checking in with family and let the men do their job.


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