“I’m Sick of Being Sick!” Post

I am sick of being sick. I am sick of being used to being sick. So… this is just a whiny health-related post!

I’ve had respiratory issues my entire life, probably stemming from muscle tone issues. Most young children who die from complications from Moebius syndrome have respiratory issues. Unfortunately not that much research is being done in that area… hopefully more is done soon.

It went un-diagnosed for many years, where I would wake myself up coughing as a young child because I couldn’t breathe. Luckily I did not need any serious intervention beyond a changing medication regimen (now a pill – Singulair is a miracle drug for me! – and an everyday inhaler, plus an emergency inhaler). Usually I’m okay.

Until, that is, I get sick. I’ve been sick since Monday with a respiratory cold and am just done. Sick of that annoying light-headed due to lack of oxygen feel, sick of coughing, worrying about being able to breathe enough on Sunday’s fundraising walk, and really really sick of phlegm!

I think about perspective and feel a little guilty with this whiny post, but sometimes it just helps to complain!

In other news, my dog is being super-helpful for me when I’m sick!


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