On the Periphery of the Super Bowl

I am an only child of a football-loving father, so I grew up passively watching. I can’t say I particularly am a fan, but I will watch it and kind of enjoy it (although I must admit, some of the rules still make absolutely no sense!) I am, however, an unabashed fan of pomp and ridiculously overhyped and over-scripted drama, so kind of love the Super Bowl. 

This year the Super Bowl is in the Bay Area, which is bringing with it all kinds of (mostly exciting) craziness. For the second year in a row I decided to work during the commercials and halftime show (errr, game), but on Thursday I went and checked out Super Bowl City on the Embarcadero, one of my favorite places in San Francisco. 

Ferry Building

I fully admit that one of the main reasons I went was to get a picture of Cassius by one of those darn 50 signs. Peer pressure? Anyway, I’m glad I got a good one! 


50 @ Market & Beale
 After that, I wandered through Super Bowl City (which honestly wasn’t that exciting during the middle of the day, the real fun stuff was over at the Moscone Center) to the other main reason I came… Puppy Bowl! Yep, Animal Planet and local shelters ran a continuous mini Puppy Bowl all weekend complete with announcer. It was adorable and I hope all the puppies get adopted today at 11 when they’re available! 
Puppy Bowl

It was adorable to watch and I loved how many people it drew! 

I ran out of there before it got too crazy – by the time I left at 3:30 it was getting a bit much! But I’m glad I went for the experience and memories. And the photos, of course!


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