Bandaids of the week

Sometimes I feel like a walking bandaid advertisement. Seriously… it’s rare that I don’t have at least one bump or blister or cut that needs one. And I’m sensitive so I pretty much azaleas err on the side of covering something painful.

Today’s rally: one big one on my toe that I grabbed from the work first aid box when I realized that the shoes I thought were wide enough for my feet really aren’t (argh! Off to return them and order the wide!), one for my finger where I somehow developed a weird blister thingy overnight (?!)… and one on my finger where I shut it in my work desk last week (seriously, only I could do that!).

I decided that if I had to keep injuring myself… I might as well have fun with it. This week I’ve had boring beige (courtesy of work), striped, polka dots… and Frozen (yep, I did go that far – I wonder if Elsa is staring me down, telling me to adult and let it go?). 

So I might be a bit ouchy… but at least it’s colorful!


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