What’s the use of health data…

if you don’t interpret things?

I’m a librarian. I like knowing stuff, or having it at my disposal if I need to look it up. Therefore I am inherently a fan of having access to a bunch of my medical info…except when there isn’t a good explanation to go along with the data.

Finally got the blood tests done (that were a month overdue, my bad!) Got an e-mail literally the next day with a handy link to the results: yay! They even came with charts. Yay!

So…layman’s terms: I know my numbers were too high last time. Are these numbers low enough? Who knows…because not only did the online link to the test results not contain any kind of explaination.

I could consult Dr Google, but I’d prefer not to (because I know how unreliable that Dr Google can be). So I’ll wait for an update from my doctor and meanwhile mull over the value of patient information without actually telling us what it means. 


  1. one of my pet peeves. I hear you loud & clear on this…


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