I’m aware. I can say that.

I’m aware that I’m just not into the whole awareness thing right now.

I’m aware that there are immediate things that I just care about more now.

I’m aware that I drastically cut down my online presence and it’s done wonders for me.

I’m aware that this is perhaps avoidance but I just don’t care.

I’m aware that I am smarter about things, about trusting people, about what I share.

I’m aware that I’ve found a goal to work towards that motivates me in new and exciting ways (more about that soon).

I’m aware that people really don’t know me, don’t really understand me, are probably judging me.

I’m aware that they do not define me.

I’m aware that I control more than I think.

I’m aware that I am both defined and not defined by what has happened to me.

I’m aware of it all, soaking it in, living with it.

I’m aware.

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