Cavalia & its horses

Last night I saw Cavalia’s new show, Odysseo, with a friend as my Christmas present from my parents. Just as with the first show I saw, it’s simply splendid.

Favorites from last night included a liberty demonstration with upwards of 30 horses all in the arena, bridle-less and (mostly) responsive to their handlers on the ground… except for one who meandered away and had to be gently encouraged to rejoin the pattern! There was some seriously awesome trick riding (guy went underneath the belly of his horse! girl went upside down at the gallop and picked up gloves she dropped!) Another highlight were some brilliantly talented acrobats. The heights made me queasy but they were spectacular.

We got the package that included dinner/dessert…and, most importantly, a tour of the stables! It was amazing seeing the horses we had just seen on stage, lounging in their stalls and getting pampered. So worth it to get that experience.

We are seriously contemplating going again next month. It was that good.