I haven’t written much about health stuff lately. Not that it’s not happening, things are just status quo – which is both bad and good. Wishes my autoimmune system would get its act together and stop attempting to self-destruct, but grateful for good doctors (and cortisone!)

Yesterday I had a definite “this so would only happen to me” moment featuring, of all things… kale. I just started getting a CSA box from a local farm co-op (which I totally love!). It has been featuring lots and lots of kale. I like raw kale in salads, but have sort of failed miserably in actually cooking this stuff. Looking up recipes, I found about a zillion out there for “kale chips” and decided to try it out. Made them on Tuesday night, and they were pretty decent – probably could have been a bit crispier, but okay overall. Stored them for lunch the next day (bad move #1: do not put kale chips in baggie. They get rather soggy).

By lunchtime yesterday, I was faced with something in between kale chips and kale salad. Not horrible, but not horribly appetizing. But because I work in that rare library without a library cafe (probably best for my budget, though!), it was all I had to eat.

So mindlessly eating my kale when it happens: it gets stuck between my teeth. Stuck hard. And do I have floss with me at work? Of course not! (note to self: buy floss). Luckily for me, it was stuck in the side of my teeth which at least wasn’t embarrassing, but it sure was painful!

Got home and got to work on extricating said kale from my teeth. Easier said when done when your mouth is so small that even your dentist remarks on how hard it is to floss. Between my electric toothbrush, flossing attempts and even (at the desperate end) resorting to my fingers, kale was extricated with a tremendous amount of pain and one chapped/sore mouth from all that flossing!

Not exactly the way I was intending to spend my afternoon after work… but that is the story of my kale!fail. Needless to say, I may put it on my exceptions list for the time being!