Weekend Adventures

I went off campus this weekend! Seriously… I don’t think I’ve ever spent 5 days in basically 2 buildings with no outside excursions before and was getting a bit stir-crazy.

Saturday my mom and I decided we needed some retail therapy so Georgetown seemed like the ideal destination. Figured out the Metro (whose weekend schedule is even worse than BART!) and went into the city.  

Successfully walked from the Metro stop to Georgetown and spent a few hours exploring and browsing.   

at Le Pain Quotidien

Ended up at Georgetown Cupcake, which was amusing since I don’t watch the show at all… but I can’t argue with good cupcakes!


Had a bit of a Metro delay/weird NIH shuttle service issues which meant we had to walk back to the Lodge, but we made it!

Today we spent the morning exploring the Children’s Inn – it made the Lodge look positively tiny! There’s so much going on and it’s incredible.   

 After lunch we met friends and wandered the NIH Clinical Center looking at the art (and talked up the benefits of participating in the Moebius study!).   
 Went to dinner at another friends’ house (off-campus!) and successfully took Uber home!

Looking forward to Rare Disease Day tomorrow.