What If

Saw If/Then again yesterday, last time I saw it was in NYC earlier this year. I needed to hear the message behind this show again.  
Sometimes I feel like I’m hounded by the What Ifs in life, by the fates and choices that led me to where I am. Some are good, some neutral and some just suck.

But the real message behind the show is to live life to the fullest, and not waste time thinking about the ifs and thens.

I know this is true. I feel it. But it’s hard to do! But listening to the lyrics again yesterday, I am reminded to try my best. Here I go…


Namesake: Still I Can’t Be Still

This song is the inspiration behind my blog title, it’s from the chorus of this song. It speaks to me, and describes me quite stunningly accurately. After first hearing it nearly 8 years ago, I keep coming back to it when I’m doubt-filled or hesitant. Putting these emotions and thoughts to music is powerful, and for me this song always resonates.

Still I can’t be still
Still I can’t be silent
Still I can’t be still
Still I can’t be saved
Still I can’t be still
I can’t be silent
Still I –

– Written by: Idina Menzel & Milton Davis