Quitting Everything To Be A Mermaid

Sometimes in life, you need to strap on your figurative big girl pants… or in this case, a mermaid tail, and go for it.

Lots of stuff happening now, some awesome, some meh, and some that just sucks. Holy vagueness I know. But it’s all happening (cue Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights)… and it’s a bit too much.

So when the opportunity provided itself to attempt a water aerobics class while wearing a mermaid tail, I couldn’t not do it!

So some takeaways from my mermaid-ing: tails are buoyant. Sometimes too much so. But they give you a heck of a lot more power when you harness it in the right direction. Water aerobics is hard regardless, and harder when your legs are strapped together.

Wearing a mermaid tail makes everything better.

I can’t wait to do it next time.

So I’m off to channel my inner mermaid, even when land-bound…

(Mermaid-ing occurred at Mermaid Fitness at Hotel Del Coronado!)