New York State of Mind

Just got back from a few days in NYC – saw lots of great shows, went to my favorite places and a few new ones, and just enjoyed the city. Saw a few good shows – Murder Ballad, Kinky Boots, and Matilda. None were earth-shattering, but they were all a fun night out at the theatre.

New York isn’t the easiest place for someone with some mobility issues (I walk down stairs at a snail’s pace!) but it’s always worth the struggle and pain to experience everything I love about it.

My attempts to photograph the Murder Ballad theatre failed, so these are the Matilda and Kinky Boots marquees – along with a quick shot of the beautiful set design before the show.
I did eat some healthy food, too (really!)
Dog at the WTC site, carriage and police horses. Love seeing contented working animals.
Freedom Tower, Central Park from the Met rooftop, Schubert Alley.
Amazing children’s book exhibit at the NYPL
Crab is a big hit. Hopefully this one will take a bit to destroy!

Missed my dog terribly, and although he enjoyed his time at my parents’, I think he’s happy to be home! (And even happier with this new toy!)

I got sick at the end of my trip, so I’m not doing much today since I can’t exactly breathe right now. Looking forward to some relaxing dog walking when I am able to, I missed it so much! I did see a few guide and service dogs in New York, which made me happy.

Cassius and I will probably end up there next summer, after the Moebius Syndrome Conference in DC. I think I’ve been convinced to present about CCI/service dogs, just gotta find a local puppy raiser (with adorable puppy, of course) to come and be adorable with us!