A Letter of Appreciation to Zappos

If you have weird feet, Zappos is perhaps the best solution ever. Shoe stores can be awkward:

“Do you have anything in size 5.5? No? What is the smallest size you have? 7? No, I won’t be trying that on since it’s… too big?”


“Fits this foot, but not this foot.” <slide shoes in box, slink away before employee returns and you have to explain.

So for someone with foot issues ( in my case, I have a clubfoot so one foot is smaller and wider than the other!) making finding shoes a chore, Zappos is awesome! I’m actually happy they haven’t marked my account as returning way too much… but being able to buy a few sizes and assess or just try on a shoe I liked but they didn’t have anything small enough is wonderful!

This is what a corner of my apartment looks like right now:   

And I’m really happy with finding the pair of shoes that (finally) fit!