Florida Flora & A Pretty Place

I went to Florida for MSFCon18, and when I wasn’t frantically running around praying my wifi held for the livestreams (it did!) I relaxed by taking a few photos. Florida might have been steamy hot (eek! I know you get used to it, but eww!) but it had some super-pretty flowers and such. Plus I’m a complete fan of old restored hotels, so the Vinoy was exactly my kind of vacation spot.

Purple post later, but first some Florida flora.

A bit of Positivity for the weekend

Rock Center   |  Fashion photog devotes life to the disabled

POSITIVE EXPOSURE, an arts, education and advocacy organization, utilizes the visual arts to celebrate the richness of human diversity and to expand and challenge conventional standards of beauty.

I am continuously in awe of what Rick Guidotti and the Positive Exposure project are able to accomplish through his vision and connections. It’s not that hard of a concept to realize – that all people are beautiful – but it gets lost in our current social and media environment.

That he is able to actualize this, and spread the message that so many of us already know, is wonderful. I always am happy when his projects get profiled, and more people are able to learn about what he is doing. I hope everyone in the disability/difference community someday has the opportunity to watch him at work. It is spectacular.

Keeping on the positive bandwagon here, had a great riding lesson on Cowboy today – we rode bareback, actually so much harder than with a saddle but a lot of fun! Cassius got to hang out at home in his crate while I rode, which I have to say he doesn’t object to at all! He was happy to see me, of course, when I returned… but he’s back in the crate for some serious napping right now. I think anything that involves a human giving you praise and a soft bed to nap on is perfect by his standards.