Someone said something about having to prove yourself because of having Moebius syndrome.  At the same time I was contemplating a post about assertiveness and having Moebius.  They kind of go hand in hand.

Sometimes I feel that life with Moebius has made me a bit of a bitch about things.  I hold my friends close, and have little tolerance for people who don’t “get” me – either the Moebius stuff or just personality-wise.  Do I come off wrong? I hope not.  I’m pretty sure my friends would say no, but people who don’t know me? I hope not.

Now, this isn’t all Moebius related, of course.  I grew up in a competitive academic environment where proving yourself academically was vital.  That was actually what saved me.  Yes, I was different and (at times) painfully anxious… but I was one of the “smart kids”.  I found my niche.  Assertiveness was the name of the game there, and then I went to a college that was all about achieving for the act itself.  No honor societies, no honor roll… no talking about grades.  It led to a sort of inner perseverance that I think rubbed off on other parts of life.

So this is all to say that I’m not sure that I feel like I need to prove myself on a daily basis in cursory interactions.  In larger things like work, of course.  But just walking down the street, going into stores… I kind of operate on the principle that I’m the customer, if you’re going to be an idiot I will take my business elsewhere.  And, for some bizarre reason, that seems to work.  Kind of the kill them with kindness principle, but kill them with assertiveness instead.

(Either that or I’m both sort of blind and delusional and don’t see that they’re looking at me like I’m nuts… :))

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