Being uninsurable

I am one of the millions of people who could be denied health care based on pre-existing conditions, or face sky-high premiums in order to access it.  I’m lucky: I have access to group health insurance from multiple places.  But still, the fact that in many places I’m un-insurable weighs on me. 

It’s bad enough to lose (win?) the genetics lottery multiple times and end up with multiple rare conditions… but then to be denied health care simply because of that (and not because of ongoing medical needs, my one prescription medicine probably costs less than many people’s medicines for common ailments!) just seems pointless.  It just seems illogical to penalize people, especially young children, for things they have no control over.  And more costly in the long run.

So while I can’t say I’m educated enough about the Affordable Care Act to make any sweeping judgements about it, for all of us who worry about whether we will always be able to have access to health care while still having jobs and a savings, I’m relieved.

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