#MSAD #Inspiration

#MSAD #Inspiration

I feel somewhat obligated to post something today, it being Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day and all, but I am strangely lost for words right now. I can’t quite articulate anything coherent enough about what I’m thinking about (well, the part of the many things I’m thinking about that have anything to do with Moebius syndrome, that is). I’ve tried all day, but I’m afraid I have no great insights or thoughts today.

A singer I follow on Twitter (yeah, doesn’t that sound awkward?) has a quote on their profile that “We sing because we can’t speak anymore.” Fiction and poetry and song lyrics often speak to me, or say what I would like to say, so much more strongly and eloquently than I ever could. So here are a few lyrics that inspire me and that describe different parts of my individual experience with Moebius syndrome.

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  1. bodyhater says:

    I love the graphic design you did for that image. Beautiful! (and you too!)


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