Making It Good-er

So things in equine-world are pretty fun right now. Piggles the Morgan has fancy glue-on shoes, and is pretty darn happy with them! I’m going to Los Angeles this weekend to get classified by the United States Paraequestrian Association/FEI to see where I classify and if this is a realistic goal. And having a lessonContinue reading “Making It Good-er”


I’ve never done new year’s resolutions, really. Or if I’ve done them they weren’t salient enough in my memory to remember them. Guess that’s close enough to not doing them at all then. So I’m not doing any this year. But I do have some guiding principles I’m trying to adhere to… Work hard, playContinue reading “Non-Resolutions”

What is funny, and what is not

I was set to post holiday photos today. Parties, elf hats, skating rinks… you name it, I’ve photographed it in the last few weeks. But then last night, curled up in bed after a long workday with, being the librarian that I am, the NYT Book Review… I saw the above quote. And it frustratedContinue reading “What is funny, and what is not”

The Wonder of No Pity

It’s no secret that I have a seriously conflicted relationship with the upcoming Wonder movie: Yay, movie about craniofacial differences! Boo, you couldn’t find an actor with TCS to do it? Yay, so many of my favorite actors (Daveed Diggs!)… And a big boo to their marketing campaign. The existence of someone with a craniofacialContinue reading “The Wonder of No Pity”


I’ve probably written something similar to this before…but I’m thinking about it again. We all go through our lives differently, influenced by internal and external factors. The treatments and solutions for one are not the solutions for another. I can’t tell someone who doesn’t like school that doing well and finding my academic niche wasContinue reading “Decisions”

Grammatical Disability Humor

Apparently I am unobservant (well, in my defense I rarely go through the public entrance!) because I just noticed this sign outside of my building after almost two years working there. I saw it yesterday and really found it ridiculously hilarious on so many fronts  First grammatically (yes, I am a nerd): is this rampContinue reading “Grammatical Disability Humor”

When Snapchat Filters Mock Your Medical Condition

I will be the first to admit it: I don’t really “do” Snapchat. I downloaded it but then just never checked it enough to actually see things, and the inability to browse users without knowing their exact username is maddening. I’ve played around with it a bit and don’t hate it… I just don’t haveContinue reading “When Snapchat Filters Mock Your Medical Condition”

#AbleismExists because…

Because I shouldn’t be all too familiar with the confusion people face when they resize someone can have a visual difference and be intelligent. Because the fact that I have a decent job and apartment isn’t extraordinary. Because, for the love of god, ASK before you touch the service dog! Because there’s nothing heroic about livingContinue reading “#AbleismExists because…”

Accessibility. Disability. Say the Word.

  So between legit fangirling over Hamilton and the musical theatre category actually being included in the televised Grammys broadcast last night, this moment happened and made me happy. What I loved as much as the moment was the reaction to it. Stevie Wonder is for better or for worse the token disabled person inContinue reading “Accessibility. Disability. Say the Word.”