“alone we are rare, together we are strong”

Rare Disease Day is February 28th! It’s a valuable day because the strength of the cumulative rare disease community is huge,

I felt the strength and resilience of people facing all different medical conditions when I was at CCI, and it was a powerful, transformative experience. It reaffirmed for me that I need that community in my life in some way, probably more through CCI than through other groups at this time for some tough personal reasons. But I realized I do indeed need it to center myself, to reaffirm my place in this complicated world.

The motto of the National Organization for Rare Disorders is “alone we are rare, together we are strong” and I believe it’s more relevant now than ever before.  Events for Rare Disease Day range from just wearing jeans or a jeans-colored ribbon to show support to large Capitol Hill lobbying events.

For more information on Rare Disease Day and how to get involved, see:

(and I thought this photo was a perfect background for the message, as who cares more about you – in their own unique way – than a really adorable dog?)

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