Making a statement


I have probably said this sometime before (after two years of blogging, things are bound to repeat themselves), but I love clothes. I love fashion magazines. I love the process of shopping. And I love putting together outfits. It just inherently makes me feel better. Materialistic? Of course! But I don’t really care.

I am firmly convinced that presenting yourself better, whether that is from the clothes you are wearing or something internal within you, makes people take you more seriously. And, for people with a noticeable difference or disability, it tells people that you are smart enough to put together this amazing coordinated outfit.

I’m not as adventurous as I should be with clothes. Until I got a yellow dog, my favorite color was black. It still is, although I know I have to be careful of hair everywhere! I love green of all shades, and have a penchant for anything magenta. But I’m always wary of being able to pull off that statement piece that the fashion magazines are always saying you should do.

Last weekend, I braved the local outlets and found a few pieces… including this bright red short trench coat. Guess I will be making a statement after all!

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