Just doing it


In my professional and personal lives, I spend a lot of time thinking about things, analyzing the best way to approach something, and carefully thinking it through. It’s partly just my personality, but also a product of my wonderfully over-analytic background.

I like living this way, mostly. I am not by nature impulsive or rash. Sometimes, though, you just have to suck it (whatever that it might be) and just go and do whatever it is.

Yesterday I decided that my legs were going to hurt whether or not I stayed home or went out on a walk after work, plus the dog needed his walk. Went our usual way only to find that the beginning of their tulip festival planting had started to bloom.

Of course I then had to capture the moment (poor dog is probably tired of having his photo taken by now!) but I’m glad I did. It’s another reminder that sometimes, maybe most times, just doing it is worthwhile.


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