NIH Day 0: Travel

Got up at the crack of dawn California time, just in time to see a gorgeous Bay Area sunrise on the way to the airport:  

We thought we had a full flight, but then found this strangeness next to me – Cassius appreciated the extra room!  

Made it through the flight and an e-book glitch that made what I thought I was going to read unavailable (ugh!), and landed at Dulles to the relief of Cassius who finally got to eat!  

After feeding him we dealt with the craziness of Dulles (seriously, how far are the terminals from the baggage claim!), found our taxi and were on our way to the NIH.

We went through security, then on to the Safra Family Lodge where we are staying. Our room is so cute!  

If I wasn’t so hungry I would have taken a photo of the much-needed dinner provided by the Friends of Patients at the NIH… but eating was more critical than picture-taking!

Tomorrow starts the myriad of appointments and tests…

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