Wrapping it up (and unwrapping more)

I snapped this photo of the Safra Family Lodge on the last cab ride out of the NIH campus and to the airport on Tuesday. 
Since then it’s pretty much been back to the grind of errands and work and life and worries (and a little bit of fun).

There’s always a certain emotional crash that comes post-Moebius conference for me, and for some reason I was expecting to feel the same way post-NIH – and am quite happy not to, for the most part! Maybe because it was all about me, or less emotional (mostly!) or just different… but I didn’t feel drained like I do post-Conference. 

Now all that’s left to do is to figure out if I can get a specialist referral easily here, wait for my heel lift to come from Amazon, get new glasses with my prescription from the very fancy sounding National Eye Institute… and check the mail for my fancy color coded CT scan of my brain! (Is it weird to seriously think of framing that as a souvenir?! Probably, but maybe a good dorky ePatient level of weird!)

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