It is a good thing I like purple. Because I (well, minus the three days of work this week) will be both literally and figuratively awash in purple at the Moebius Syndrome Foundation Conference.

Found this graphic on Photofy (love that app!) and, well, if purple is an idealistic color I like that color for a non-profit, since what we’re doing is really an idealistic venture. Sensitive is of course good too. Working with people of all different backgrounds and perspectives is a great exercise in sensitivity! Creativity is where I’m most happy. Seriously, give me something creative and I’ll go overboard in the best way. Elegant? Well… I try. So I like it!

Thank you someone in the early 90s for choosing one of my favorite colors for “my” Foundation. At least it’s not…burnt orange or something like that.

Smiling Semantics

So I’m not usually one to be caught up in the semantics of it all. I mean, statistically speaking, the chances that one has a condition resulting in facial paralysis/paresis  is very very low. So why is it sometimes a punch in the gut when organizations for other craniofacial conditions  focus SO much on the smiling part? Like, “she may have this and that… BUT SHE STILL SMILES!!!”

So where does this leave those of us who, for various reasons, cannot? Where do we fit into this equation of things one still has even when faced with challenges? Is it really that bad (of course not). 

This stream of consciousness brought to you by:

And for the record: my dog, friends & family, good coffee, NYC, theatre… make me half-smile. And that’s enough.