It is a good thing I like purple. Because I (well, minus the three days of work this week) will be both literally and figuratively awash in purple at the Moebius Syndrome Foundation Conference.

Found this graphic on Photofy (love that app!) and, well, if purple is an idealistic color I like that color for a non-profit, since what we’re doing is really an idealistic venture. Sensitive is of course good too. Working with people of all different backgrounds and perspectives is a great exercise in sensitivity! Creativity is where I’m most happy. Seriously, give me something creative and I’ll go overboard in the best way. Elegant? Well… I try. So I like it!

Thank you someone in the early 90s for choosing one of my favorite colors for “my” Foundation. At least it’s not…burnt orange or something like that.

Found this in my recent read

It’s fascinating when I find mentions of things I’m interested in (in this case, craniofacial differences) in a book completely unrelated to the topic. I loved this description, too , quite apt. Plus I just really love JK Rowling ‘s writing, whether it’s in her children’s books or her adult mysteries written under a pseudonym.

Do something different

If somethings’s not working, do something different. – Mia

That gem of a quote came from my riding instructor, in the middle of a so-so warm up for my lesson last night. And, of course, I had a great lesson after I took that concept to heart.

Because getting “stuck” – in a physical or emotional state, in a self-destructing pattern… is not good. I know I have the capability of getting myself un-stuck, and things are in the works that will make it so much easier for me to work towards those goals.

It’s okay to feel stuck, but it isn’t okay just to stay and get stagnant in that feeling. Because usually, one little action helps create a chain of reactions that are organic and right.

After getting myself and the horse unstuck, had a great ride complete with a wee bit of unintentional (huge-strides but fun!) canter. I love and respect what horses teach me.