I’ve never done new year’s resolutions, really. Or if I’ve done them they weren’t salient enough in my memory to remember them. Guess that’s close enough to not doing them at all then.

So I’m not doing any this year. But I do have some guiding principles I’m trying to adhere to…

Work hard, play hard. Yeah, super-cliche and slightly stupid. But totally true. Work is hard and rewarding and usually fulfilling and I want to keep it that way! And figure out just where I want to aim my career aspirations and prepare myself for that with professional development and such. And then play: dogs, horses, Hamilton!SHN, NYC… more arts and theatre. And family/friends/etc. 

Respect me. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes others (I think) take me for granted. I’m ready to change that. I’m ready to demand that people take a look at what I’m doing, and give me some damn credit for it!

Stretch myself. Comfort zones are awesome, but not entirely productive. Challenge accepted. 

Be artsy. Being artistic makes me happy. Need to make actual time for arts (and crafts! Or whatever crazy category dog ornaments fall into…)

There’s probably more, but as I said… I don’t really do resolutions.

(Pig the Palomino says happy new year!)

Happy New Year

This past week at work I used/taught/struggled with/enjoyed/swore at/loved the 3D printers we had on loan. I love this kind of tech stuff, but felt a bit pressured by our patrons (especially the kids!) when it just. didn’t. work. right! And since we’re dealing with donated technology that’s a bit old (yes, in tech a 2-year-old product is old!), it’s not glitch-free.
I like having something (well, more things!) at work thatI’m the go-to person for. It’s satisfying.

And my test projects, of course, somehow managed to include dogs… some more successful than others!  


I can’t formulate any resolutions that are coherent enough and practical enough to warrant a resolution. I think I’m on the right path for most things, and working through/thinking about my approach to a few things. I hope I will be clearer about what I am uncertain about in the next year (what a mouthful!) 


I swear… he’s happy even if he looks stoic. (don’t worry, the hat only stayed on for the photo!)