It’s strange how life turns out sometimes… I now walk my dog past my old speech therapy office nearly every day. It’s still the same practice, which is oddly nice to see. And weirdly enough, I pretty much only have good memories of speech therapy there.

I was a pretty talkative kid, so I don’t think I minded that aspect of it (now taping myself and calling random businesses on the phone, not so much! Although now I don’t mind phone calls, so maybe it worked!). I had a few really great therapists, so I was lucky.

I always had a lot to say, so I think I appreciated working so that people could understand me. Up until middle school speech therapy was just part of my weekly routine, nothing more, nothing less. I was lucky in terms of how Moebius effected me speech-wise, in that I wasn’t delayed at all, and I need to remember to be thankful for that!

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