NIH Day 2: I get lost in these halls

(That is a line from Next to Normal, an amazing musical about family and chronic mental illness, if you’re at all interested in theatre relating to these issues you should check it out!)

Today started out with a fasting blood test. Yay (said nobody ever). Stumbled my coffee-less self to phlebotomy where they proceeded to take an absurd amount of blood-it’s a lot when the tech looks at the file and says “that’s a lot of blood!” Having said that, it was the least painful blood draw of my life! (And the tape they gave was pink!)  

After that and a bunch of coffee (some which was provided in phlebotomy, gotta love a department with a coffee bar!), I had the first of 3 appts in Rehab Medicine, who did some stuff from the protocol and some stuff just for me. Apparently my legs are different lengths which explains a lot about some of my walking and foot issues. 
After that I went to Audiolgy for a bunch of tests (which confirmed that my hearing is good!) and sons of the “follow the red dot” tests for eyes. Did that before and after lunch.

Went back to Rehab Medicine for some slightly random visual-spatial tests from the OT and a few balance tests and recommendations for ankle exercises from the PT.

Ended my day with an appointment with the doctors in charge of the protocol and with a neurologist, who went through a bunch of motor and balance tests once again!

Got some interesting information from the blood test that I will need to follow up on and might explain some of my digestive stuff-hopefully! At the Lodge getting ready for another long day tomorrow!

(And in reference to the title: if there is a wrong turn to take in Building 10, I took it!)

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