Grammatical Disability Humor

Apparently I am unobservant (well, in my defense I rarely go through the public entrance!) because I just noticed this sign outside of my building after almost two years working there.

I saw it yesterday and really found it ridiculously hilarious on so many fronts 

  • First grammatically (yes, I am a nerd): is this ramp safe to use if it is disabled? And, perhaps most importantly, how does one disable a ramp?!
  • Secondly from an accessible design point of view, why in the world is this ramp only for those with disabilities? It’s probably most used by strollers, for whatever it’s worth!
  • And lastly, there’s no way that ramp on the illustration is to code.

So that was my amusement on a Saturday at work. Life with a disability requires a bit of disability humor at times, I think. And that was mine this weekend.

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