#NoFilter take two

So once again Snapchat, in all its weird dysmorphic glory, gave itself a facial paralysis-mimicking filter. Fun times. It’s funny, because in some ways I’m not completely insensitive to the weirdness of medical conditions. I sometimes laugh to myself as I delete the Google Alerts I get listing Moebius Syndrome as Top Ten Weird MedicalContinue reading “#NoFilter take two”

Grammatical Disability Humor

Apparently I am unobservant (well, in my defense I rarely go through the public entrance!) because I just noticed this sign outside of my building after almost two years working there. I saw it yesterday and really found it ridiculously hilarious on so many fronts  First grammatically (yes, I am a nerd): is this rampContinue reading “Grammatical Disability Humor”

A fine fine line in humor

If by ‘loser,’ you’re referring to a man who’s greeted eight times a week by 1,000 people that stand as one, applauding until their hands are raw, cheering until their voices are spent, whispering, ‘He’s so much better looking in person,’ and laughing until their faces are contorted in an anguished mask that can bestContinue reading “A fine fine line in humor”